Thank You For Loving Me 10

Thank You For Loving Me


Mart don’t be bitter with life…there’s still hope. Start moving on…Come…I better take you home. You are not in good condition to drive.

Mart pushes Katrina and said I can take care of myself. I don’t need you here. I don’t want to see you.

Is this what you want? Ok fine! Go ahead ruined your life. Do you think Maya will pity you, if she sees you like that? Ah I don’t think so…. I guess she will be happier seeing you like that. Remember Maya is angry with you because of your unfaithfulness. And I know she will hate you more if she finds out that you are the one threatening her through text.

Mart grabs Katrina’s hand…. what do you know about that huh? You don’t have any evidence that I’m the one doing it,

You are wrong, I have evidence and I have the intention to give it Maya and Richard. While saying this Katrina gets something in her bag. Then show to Mart a tape recorder….this is my evidence Mart. I’ve record our conversation.

You are stupid whore. Give me that tape.

No Mart, I will not give you this unless you promise me to have medication and ask forgiveness to Maya.

No…I won’t do that…I will get Maya back by all means.

Fine! Go ahead do that if you can still do it. After leaving this place I will go directly to Maya or Richard’s place and give this tape to them. Then it’s up to them what action they will do to you.

Mart (sighs) ok you win. I promise to see a doctor. But asking forgiveness to Maya and moving on, I will still think about it. Just give me the tape please…

That’s good…. Your health is deteriorating. Look at you… You are so thin. You really need to see a doctor. But since you are not yet fully agreeing with my conditions…then the tape will stay with me. Don’t worry you can have my word. I won’t give this to Maya and Richard unless you broke your conditions. Come we better go home. It’s getting late already.

Mart just nods his head.


Mart follows Katrina’s advice to see a doctor.

You are just both have a HIV. It’s not yey a full blown aids. Though there is still no cure on your sickness. But it doesn’t mean, its already an end of the world for the two of you.

You can still enjoy your life provide you will take necesary pre caution and follows my advice. Take a lot of sleep, dont be stress, eat healthy foods, avoid alcohol for its bad for the liver, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs without precriptions and be kind to your self.

Thank you doctor. We will follow your advice. See next month.

They left the hospital.

On their way home

Mart, have you thought already of asking forgiveness to Maya. If you ask me I’m willing to go and meet her and ask for her forgiveness. Knowing Maya who have a soft heart will forgive me. As long as, I’m sincere.

Yeah, she will forgive us out of pity because we are sick. Because we are dying.

All i want is to have her beside me until my last breath here on earth.

But you are asking for impossible. You have seen her how happy she was with Richard. Mart, it’s time to move on. Let’s set an appointment with them and seek her forgiveness. Maybe, we can still be friends

If you love Maya, then let her be happy. She is happy with Richard. Domyou think if you get her away, she will be happy with you? No, she won’t be. Please think about it. It’s not yet to late.

Mart just nods to what Katrina says. But in his mind, he still hopes Maya will come back to her esp now that he is sick.


Maya together with Lisa and Simon and not far away Ariel and his dog, is at the airport. They are all waiting for the arrival of Paola.

Later. Oh there is Paola. Maya waves to Paola.

Lisa saw Paola and she was shock and dropped jaw. She saw is a very handsome guy, walking towards them.

Simon whisper to Lisa, honey he is a gay, in case you forgot and please close your mouth. It’s embarassing.

Lisa looked at Simon and smiles. “jealous?”

Isn’t obvious?

Honey, come-on he is so damned handsome and yet he is gay. It’s too bad.

Be quiet they are approaching.

Simon and Lisa, I want you to meet my friend and good director..Piolo Fernandez. “Piolo, my two good friends Lisa and Simon.

Hi Lisa, Hi handsome. I heard we will be working hand in hand.

It’s Simon. Yes we are.

That’s great. So when are we going to start?

Paola, you better get rest first. You two can talk tomorrow.

Can I come, honey?

Don’t worry Lisa, I will not snatched your boyfriend, even though he is so handsome. I don’t want Maya to get angry with me.

Lisa blushed to what Piolo says.

What will I call you? Piolo or Paola?

Whatever you want, Simon.

Well, you know, Lisa wants to come with us not to guard me against you. But she wants to go with me because she has a crush on you.

Honey, shut up. That’s too embarassing…

It’s alright, I’m used to it. Even Maya here got a crush on me.

Am I right Maya?

Well, that was before I discover your secret.

They all laughed….

We better take Piolo to his hotel. And I have to go back in my house before Richard finds out I’m not there.


Meanwhile, Richard was at Maya’s place. He is walking back and forth. Maya’s celphone is off, he is so damned worried.

He try to contact Ariel.

Hello Ariel, are you with Maye?

Sorry sir but I know Maya has no schedule today. She told me that you will pick her up at her place. Why?

She is not here. I’m already waiting for her for almost one hour alread

Is that so? What about her mom?

Tita told me that Lisa pick her up at around 6AM.

Sir Richard, relax maybe Lisa and Maya are just having a girl talk. Maybe, Lisa had a problem and she wants to talk to Maya alone.

Do you think so?

Yes sir. You know girls talk.

Ok..thank you. I will just wait for another hour and if she didn’t appear. Then we better look for her.


Whee..that was close. “Ariel murmur to himself”. He went to approach Maya.

Maya, I’m sorry if I make your reunion cut short. Sir Richard called me. He is looking for you,

Huh? Why?

Well, he was in your house for almost an hour and already panicking that you are not around.

What did you say?

Nothing. I pretend that I didn’t know where you are. That you don’t need me today since you will be spending your day today with him. I also asked him if your mom didn’t know where did you go?

Then he told me that your mom says that Lisa fetch you.

It was then I told him, that maybe you and Lisa need a privte talk. That’s why, you turn off your cp.

Just on cue, Lisa phone rangs.

It’s sir Richard.

Hello sir Richard….

Is Maya with you?

Maya? Yes she was with me here in my condo. Sir, I’m sorry, I forgot to asked permission from you if I can have Maya for awhile. I just need someone to talked to at the moment. Do you want to talk to her sir?

Yes..please. Thank you.

Lisa give her celphone to Maya.

Hi! Honey, am sorry If I didn’t tell you where am I. Lisa needs me at this moment. Am sorry if I make you worried. Love you.

It’s alright. I just got worried that I can’t contact you.

I forgot to charge my phone. I’m really really sorry. Don’t worry I’ll make up to you later.


Ah….I’ll give you plenty of hugs and kisses. Is that ok with you?

That will be fine, love you. Give back the phone to Lisa.

He still wants to talk to you.

Hello sir..

Is there anything I can help with your problem? What it is all about?

Thank you sir.’s about Simon. I think he is having an affair.

Simon looked at Lisa with knotted brows.

Lisa made a sign of peace to Simon.

What? Are you sure? Maybe you are just paranoid? I know Smon lovea you so much.

That’s what Maya also told me, sir. I think you two are right. I’m just being paranoid.

I will talk to Simon also on Monday. Lisa, be careful when you go back here.

Don’t worry sir. We will be very careful and thank you also sir for the concern about Me and Simon.

Don’t mention it. You two are also my friends.

Ok… Sir, we will be there in an hour. Promise.

Whew…Maya, we better go now. If you don’t want Sir Richard find out what we are doing.

Simon, you better bring Piolo in his hotel. You just pick me up at Maya’s place.

Ok. Bye. You two take care.

Piolo..I’m really sorry. I will tell you everything one of this days. Since you and Simon will be together. You can discuss your ideas for the party. Bye and kiss him on the cheek.


After an hour, Lisa drop off Maya to her place. Richard was at the gate waiting for them.

Maya immediately went out of the car and run to Richard.

Honey, sorry if I make you worried. And kiss him passionately on the lips.

Ok you are forgiven. Then kiss her again.

My gosh, can’t you get inside the house first. You two are so PDA.

Hahaha…envy Lisa? Maya asked.

Of course not.

Then don’t mind us and kiss Richard again before entering the house.




Hello, Maya!

Yes, who’s this please?

Maya it’s me Mart.



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