Thank You For Loving Me-Prologue

Thank You For Loving Me


Richard’s parents are kind off worried about Richard. It’s been almost 10 years since Richard had his first heart broken.

Since then, Richard hasn’t take love seriously. For him, love is just a game.

One day, Richard’s dad talked to him and said that his mother is very anxious to have a grandchild already.

Richard said that it’s too impossible to happen because he doesn’t have any plans to get married.

Richard’s dad tells him that not all women are the same.

Richard just shrugs his shoulder and said maybe the one for me is yet to come, if ever…. and leaves.

His dad just feels sad for his son and puts the blame on Alex’s parents for his son’s sufferings.

In London…

Maya was sad because this is her last day of stay in their London house. It’s been their home for 5 years.

Since her father was diagnosed to have prostate cancer, they had to leave Philippines five years ago to have her father treated in London.

But after 5 years of treatment, her father passes away and leaves her and her mother in agony.

Now she had to sell the house and return to Philippines because her mother is suffering from depression every time her mom remembers her dad. Her parents are a perfect couple. They loved each other so much and her mom can’t accept the fact that her dad is gone already. She too is also suffering from her own loneliness. She misses her dad especially at this point of time that she is heart broken.

Maya was not just depressed because her dad passed away but also because her boyfriend and best friend cheated on her.

Maya caught her boyfriend Mart and Katrina in Katrina’s bedroom the other day. She was so angry at Mart and Katrina. She never thought the two have been doing something behind her back. She despises Mart and Katrina so much. She breaks up with Mart, despite Mart’s plea. Maya turns a deaf ear on Mart’s plea for forgiveness. Her only resort is to go back to Philippines and heal the wounds that Mart and Katrina has done to her.

Maya takes charge of everything from selling the house and shipping some of their things to Philippines and looking for a new house in the Philippines. She talks to all the people concerned. She could not ask help from her mom. Her Mom just stays in her room, her health is also deteriorating, and that’s why Maya is so worried. She won’t take it anymore if she also loses her mom too. She might go insane.

Now, Maya is just looking at their London house for the last time before it will be turned over to the new owner by tomorrow. It’s just too bad that during the negotiations Maya was not able to meet the new buyer. According to the assistant his boss is so busy and doesn’t have time to go London for the negotiations. According to the assistant, his boss trusts him. Maya just tells the assistant to tell the new owner to take care of the house. She also told the assistant that she had so many happy memories with her parents in that house. The assistant just nods and tells her that he will relay her message to his boss.


Maya and her Mom Teresita, arrived at the NAIA 1. They didn’t tell anyone that they would be coming back to the Philippines. They just want to settle first before they tell their friends and relatives that they are back for good.

Maya breathes the Philippine air and murmurs to herself “It’s great to be back…”

Maya, together with her mom arrives at their new home White Plains. Maya is so happy because it seems that her mom is not so sad anymore.

Once settled in their new home, Maya called their relatives and friends informing them of their arrival. Their relatives were so happy to hear that they are back for good at the same time sad because of the passing of her dad.

Maya is trying to contact her two close friends, Lisa and Simon but to no avail. Their respective families transferred to a new house recently and nobody knows yet their new address. Maya feels a little bit disappointed because she was looking forward to see them both.

Two weeks after their arrival in Manila, Maya looked for a job as a Systems Analyst. It seems luck is on her side, because there is an opening for the position in Lim Group Company. Maya readies her resume and e-mails her application letter to the given e-mail address of LGC.

Maya is surprised to receive an immediate reply from the HR department of LGC. She is being asked to go there for an interview the following week. Maya was so happy about it. At least she will be busy and she does not have the time to think and sulk about what Mart and Katrina did to her. She has work where she can focus her attention to.

Maya readies herself for an interview next week. What Maya doesn’t know is that something waits for her in LGC…


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