Thank You For Loving Me 9

Thank You For Loving Me


“Jacques buddy, thanks for your help. You are really great!” Richard taps Jacques’ shoulder.

“It’s my pleasure to help you, what are friends for? Don’t worry, I will send my best bodyguard Ariel. He is great; he can easily catch Mart. I will also ask someone from Immigration if a certain Mart has entered and left Manila for a couple of weeks”

“Thank you again for your help, Jacques.” Maya said.

“It’s my pleasure to help you both. “Bro, promise me you will be faithful to Maya. And Maya if Richard hurts you, tell me and I will rescue you from him.”

“Maya belongs to me. You better find your own. Don’t ever try to woo Maya if you don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Richard teases.

Jacques laughs and leaves Richard’s office.

Richard hugs Maya and says, “Everything will be fine. Jacques is great in his job as a private investigator.”

Maya just nods to what Richard had said and he kisses Maya on the temple.

Maya left Richard’s office and went back to her office. Upon arriving at her office Andrea, her secretary, informed her that Paola called up and asking for a return call.

“Thank you, Andrea” says Maya and proceeds in calling up Paola. After talking with Paola, Maya is so happy because everything is working as planned. She temporary forgets her problem. She calls up Simon and informs him that he will introduce Paola to him over the weekend. Since Paola is arriving by Saturday August 1, they will pick up Paola at the NAIA airport at around 7:00 in the morning.

Simon is a little bit hesitant. But he still agrees with her plan. He calls up Lisa and tells her what Maya had said to him.

“Really ok I will go with you. I’m looking forward to meeting Paola.” Lisa said.

“Ok then, I will pick you up at your place at 6:00 in the morning then we will pick up Maya.”

“Ok but how can Maya go without Richard? You know Maya’s situation now?”

“Well, knowing Maya I know she can get away from Richard even for just a short time.”

“You are right, knowing Maya…honey, got to go I have an incoming call. Bye…”

“Hello, oh it’s you Maya; I just finished talking with Simon and told me that Paola is arriving this Saturday. Of course I’m coming with you…. We know that you have an alibi for Richard since he can’t go with us. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“That’s right Lisa and I have another favor to ask from you.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Can you give me the number of Jacques? I want to call him.”

“What? Hey, don’t tell me you are attracted to him. Though I admit he is also handsome. But I heard he is “Ladies Man”…Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Of course NOT! I just want to discuss something with him. I’m planning to tell him our plan for Richard’s surprise b-day party. I don’t want him to ruin our surprise for Richard.”

“Ah ok…I guess you have a point there. Here’s his number both in the office and cell phone.”

“Thanks Lisa. Bye.”


Jacques is busy talking and giving instructions to Ariel when his cell phone rings. “Hello? Oh hi Maya….No! No! It’s all right. He waves his hand to Ariel informing him to come back later.”

Ariel just shakes his head and said “So another woman falls for you, huh?”

“So what can I do for a beautiful lady? I’m really surprised you called.” Jacques thinks that Maya is attracted to him.

“Jacques, I need a favor.”

“Sure… what is it? Go ahead tell me. I will listen.”

“Uh…” Maya is a little bit hesitant to tell Jacques, she sighs…. and said…. “You know I planned a surprise birthday party for Richard. He doesn’t have any idea about it. I need your cooperation on this matter. I know you are going to send a bodyguard for me. There are times I will go out without Richard because it’s related to the surprise birthday party for him. I know you will report to Richard everything. I just want you to edit your reports with regards to his birthday. I will give you my itinerary so that you will be aware of the plans. Just like this Saturday, I will go to the airport with Simon and Lisa to pick-up my director friend who is arriving. He will be the one directing the program for Richard’s b-day. Can I rely on you, Jacques?”

“I see…” A little bit disappointed, because he thought Maya was attracted to him. He thought this time he defeated Richard. But he was wrong. He just shakes his head. “Okay just fax to me your itinerary regarding Richard’s b-day.”

“Thanks Jacques and by the way, you are invited to his party. There will be plenty of beautiful ladies.”

“Gee thanks I will be there. Hmm it seems Richard already ruined my reputation on you huh?”

(Laughs) “Of course not! He didn’t tell me anything about you. It’s just a wild guess.”

“Oh I see…Ok then I will cooperate with you and by the way, tomorrow you will meet your bodyguard. His name is Ariel.

“Ok then….see you tomorrow. Bye…”

“Bye…Richard is just a very lucky man how I wish I could meet also someone like Maya.”

Jacques presses his intercom and calls Ariel back to his office.

“There you are…better get ready by tomorrow you will meet your client. Don’t forget to bring your props. We will meet here at around 7:00 AM, so that we will be at Richard’s office by 8:00 AM.”

“OK. I will be here together my props. I better go now and prepare the things I need for tomorrow.”



Following day, Jacques, Ariel with the bulldog is at the office of Richard.
They are all waiting for Richard and Maya.

After few minutes the couple arrives. Jacques introduces Ariel to Richard and Maya.

Wow, boss you are right Maya is indeed a very pretty.

Aw… Hey buddy you agree with me? Ariel ask the dog.

The dog barks again.

They all laugh.

They talk about their plan how to trap Mart. Maya give Ariel a picture of Mart, so that Ariel will have an idea what Mart looks like.

After their talks. Ariel and the dog left the building and went to nearby coffee shop.

Late in the afternoon at Starbucks coffee shop in front of LGC building, Mart is sipping his third cup of coffee waiting for Maya to emerge from her office. He plans to talk to her and settle everything once and for all. His life is incomplete now that Maya is not with him. Maya is his life. He loves Maya very much. He can’t accept the fact that Maya has already someone else. Maya belongs to him only…He can’t accept that Maya doesn’t love him anymore. He will do anything just to get Maya back. Even if it means that someone has to die.

He saw Maya leaving the office so he hurriedly left Starbucks and was ready to approach Maya when he stopped. Because he saw Richard was with Maya. He was furious, how can he talk to Maya when Richard is always with him? Mart mumbles to himself. “I’ll think of a way to eliminate you.” Mart left the place very angry. What he doesn’t know is that someone is watching him from a distance.

Mart almost bumped into a blind man walking towards him. And he shouts angrily at the blind man.

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean it.”

“Stupid…!” And he pushed the blind man to the wall and fell down.
The bulldog that blind man had with him barks at Mart angrily and was ready to attack Mart.

When the blind man said, “It’s all right buddy. Let’s just leave the place.”

Mart left the blind man and his dog. He was so angry, that even a blind man is not exempted from his madness.

On the other hand, some people helped the blind man to stand up. The blind man thanked the people and left with his dog.

While walking, “So buddy, did you smell our enemy? Next time you already know his scent.”

The dog barks at Ariel.

“Very good Jom, that’s good. Come I will treat you with a nice dinner. Maya is safe since she is with Richard.

Jom barks again as if he understood what his master was saying.

Ariel laughs. “So you agree with me?”

Jom barks again.

“Ok let’s go home. But first I will buy food for you and your lovely pregnant wife Charlene.

Jom wiggled his tail and barks to his master as if saying thank you.


Richard and Maya are having dinner in a fancy restaurant. When Richard noticed that Maya is not at her best, he gets worried and asks Maya, “What’s bothering you honey?”

Maya smiled and said “Nothing it’s just that I don’t know if this is the right time to tell you something….” (Sighs)

“Why don’t you try me? Come spill it out…”

“Ok (sigh) did Uncle tell you anything? Or mention about any seminars?”

“No nothing at all. What’s it all about?”

“Well Uncle told me to attend a seminar from the 11th to 22nd of this month.”

“What? Until the 22nd but didn’t you know that…?”

“I know but what can I do…Uncle fixed everything. I also want to attend this seminar because it’s related with my work. Please…. Don’t worry I will not attend the last day of the seminar which for sure it’s just awarding and socializing. I’ll be back as soon as the seminar finishes. Please allow me to attend it.” Maya said with a sad face.

“How can I say No with that kind of face….Ok I will allow to go but….”

“But what…”

“Provided I will be there also….”

“Richard that’s impossible you have work here….”

“I will cancel everything…..”


“Why do I sense you don’t want me to go with you? Are you hiding something from me?”

“What gave you that idea? I’m not hiding anything from you. It’s just that I can’t concentrate if you are around. And another thing, there’ll be a lot of women out there who will run after you.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, what can you expect you’ve got a very handsome boyfriend? But honestly speaking, Honey I’m all yours; I don’t care with other girls anymore.”

“Hmmm… conceited…. Don’t worry I can take care of myself.”

“By the way, where will it be held?”

“It will be in Hongkong.”

“Hongkong? You better inform Jacques about it.

“Why? Don’t tell me Ariel should go along with me at Hongkong with his ugly dog-jom.”

“But of course honey. We have to be sure Mart can go and follow you there. Why is there anything wrong with Ariel and jom-the ugly dog?”

“With Ariel no problem he is cute but with jom- yuck I feel uneasy seeing that dog. The dog is so ugly to look at.”

Hearing Maya’s comment Richard frowns, which Maya notices.

“Hey! What’s that look?”

“Nothing…so you just find Ariel cute huh? How about Jacques? Isn’t he cute too?”

Maya smiles and says “Jealous? You are right, both guys are cute but there is one person who stands out among the two guys. And that person is the one sitting in front of me.”

Richard smiles. “You really know how to please me huh?”

“No I just want you to feel secure and don’t worry about me. I love you so much and there’s no other guy that can catch my attention.”

“Ok you win… You will attend the seminar at Hongkong provided you will be here before the 22nd and Ariel and jom will go with you. That’s the deal.”

“Ok deal.”

“Let’s finish our dinner. It’s getting late already.”


In one corner of the bar….Mart is drinking wine when someone appeared and said…

“Can I join you?”

Mart looked and said… “What are you doing here?”

“I want to talk to you.”

“There’s nothing for us to talk about.”

“Mart it’s about your sickness… about Maya…. about asking forgiveness and moving on. Mart, you need medication.”

“Why do you care about my sickness? It’s your fault, why I have this disease…”

“I’m sorry Mart… I didn’t mean to infect you Mart. I’m really sorry. I didn’t know I have AIDS….”

“Get lost Katrina…I don’t want to see you again….you ruined my life!” Mart said angrily and he started to cry.


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