Thank You For Loving Me 8

Thank You For Loving Me


Month had past and there’s no sign of Mart. They all concluded that maybe Mart decided to go back to London when he found out that Maya is already happy with her new relationship.

Maya is so glad that Mart doesn’t bother her anymore. At least, she can now concentrate on her plan to surprise Richard on his upcoming birthday party.

She’s been preparing since last month. She already assigned people their respective assignment. Now all she has to do is go over the checklist to see that all is well.

She just finished talking to Shirley. She asked if all departments are prepared for their surprise numbers.

She recalled the day she asked Shirley to call a meeting with all the department heads but to make it a secret to Richard. Shirley was surprised but when she told her the agenda of the meeting, she willingly agreed to it.

She was so nervous facing all the department heads because she was afraid what they would think about her. Just because she is Richard’s girlfriend, she can do anything she wants. But Shirley gave her the assurance that all the departments are nice people.

During the meeting, Maya told all the department heads what she wants to happen on Richard’s birthday. She told them to inform all their staff not to greet Richard on his birthday and she wants them to prepare a special number that they will perform on the day of the surprise party.

Everybody agreed to Maya’s idea and they are all very willing to do their tasks. They promised Maya that they would keep it secret until the celebration.

Maya was so happy for the warm response given by the entire department and she thanked them for all their cooperation.

Maya was back in the present when she heard her cell phone beeping…

Maya read the message….”remember you are only mine ; nobody will own you but me….”

The message sent shivers to Maya but she ignore it again…she’s been receiving that message for over a month but just like now she ignored it. She just thought that it was always missent to her.

She just told herself “Why do I always receive that text message? Who could that be? Do I have to tell this Richard or just ignore it?”

She is in deep thought when Simon and Lisa arrived at Maya’s cubicle. The two are also there to report the development of their assignment.

“Hello…a penny for your thoughts?” Simon said to Maya…

Maya smiled and said “You two better come in tell me your report.”

Lisa said “Both Pipay and Troy agreed to host the event. Pipay even said that she will do a song number for Richard. And this is the best news…they are doing it for free.”

“Wow that’s great….” Maya said.

“And you Simon, how about the sound system and other effects? Are they also ready?” Maya asked Simon…

“Yeah…everything is okay. By the way, you mentioned to me that you have a friend from London coming over to work as stage Director, when he will be coming?”

“Oh yeah…Paula….” She will be coming over the weekend, don’t worry…. you will enjoy working with Paula.” Maya said with a smile.

“Paula? You mean the stage Director is a girl?. Can’t wait to meet her.

“Maya, I thought you are my best friend, but why are you doing this to me…. how come you’re letting Simon work with other girls?” Lisa was almost crying already.

Simon just smiled and feels flattered because he knows Lisa loves him so much, that she gets jealous easily.

“Oh Lisa I’m sorry, if you think I’m giving Simon to other girls, No. It’s not what you think…I’m teasing Simon only…Paula is a guy trapped in a woman’s body” Maya said to Lisa. Paula’s name before is Piolo.

“What?” Simon said almost shouting. “Paula is gay?”

“Sort of…a closet queen, but don’t worry Paula is a decent person. You know what he is so handsome. Despite being a closet queen… there are a lot of girls who fall for him, including me. I had a crush on him and he even courted me and I almost answered him if I didn’t find out his true identity sooner. I felt disappointed, but we became good friends.” Maya told Lisa and Simon.

Lisa can’t hide her smile while Simon looked so serious.

Maya assured them that it would be nice working with Paula. Then Maya looked serious and said…. “Guys…I need your advice regarding this matter….”

“What matter”? Lisa asked.

I’ve been receiving a text message from someone I don’t know for almost a month now. I just ignore it. I really don’t know if I have to tell this to Richard or not. I don’t want Richard to worry much for he has a lot of work here in the company. I don’t want to give him another burden.”

“Can I see the text message sent to you?” Simon tells Maya….

Maya gives her cell phone to Simon.

Simon scrolls the messages that Maya saved in her phone.

Simon got mad at Maya and said “You take this for granted? These messages are all threatening. Richard has the right to know these things.”

Lisa got the phone from Simon and reads the messages also. And said, “Maya, Simon is right you should tell this to Richard.”

“But”….Maya said.

“No more buts…. You should tell this to Richard.” Lisa said.

“What should Maya tell me huh, Lisa?” Richard said as he entered.

“Oh you are here? Did you just arrive or have you been there for long already?” Maya asked Richard.

Richard replied, “I just arrived, what’s this all about?”

Lisa and Simon got up from there seats and said. “Well, we will go ahead….” and told Maya “Follow our advice, tell Richard.”

“What are they talking about Maya? Is there anything I should know? Oh no, don’t tell me you will break-up with me Maya…. I can’t let you do that.” Richard said.

Maya smiled and said, “Why should I break up with you…there’s no reason for me to do that.”

“Then what is it? Don’t keep me in suspense.” Richard said.

Maya looked serious and handed to Richard her cell phone and said “Read all my messages in my Inbox.”

Richard’s face was distorted while reading all the messages in Maya’s phone. After he finished reading all the messages, Richard faced Maya and said, “You keep all these things from me for almost a month. Why you didn’t tell me? Isn’t it that we agreed no secrets….these are all threatening messages.”

“I’m sorry Richard. I just don’t want to give you any burden. At first, I thought it was mistakenly sent to me, so I just ignored it.

“Mistakenly sent to you? How could you be so naïve to think that this message is not intentionally for you?” Richard said to Maya almost shouting.

Maya was almost crying and said “Don’t shout at me and I’m NOT NAÏVE, I just ignored it because I don’t know anyone who would send me messages like that.”

Richard was a little bit stunned and walked towards Maya, hugs her and said, “I’m sorry honey, I’m not shouting at you. I’m just upset with these messages…who would send this to you? Mart?”

Maya looked at Richard; she embraces him and cries on his shoulder.

Richard comforts her.


“Lisa can you call JD at his office and tell him if he is not busy to drop by my office now.” Richard instructed Lisa while guiding Maya to his office.

JD sir?

Jacques D.

“Ah ok Sir Richard”. Lisa replied.

After an hour, Jacques appeared in Richard’s office.

“Hey buddy what’s up? What’s this urgent call?” Jacques asks Richard.

Richard hugs his buddy Jacques and said “Glad to see you again buddy.” Then he introduces Maya to Jacques.

“Jacques bro…meet my girlfriend Maya dela Rosa.”

Jacques shakes hands with Maya and compliments her by saying, “You are so beautiful. If I got to meet you first before Richard I will not let you go of my sight.” Jacques kidded.

Maya blushed. She just smiles and thanked him for his compliment.

Richard on the other hand, is so proud to have Maya as his girl. He feels he is envied by all men, including Mart. When Richard noticed that Jacques can’t take his eyes off Maya he said, “Shall we go down into business bro?”

Jacques, a little bit embarrassed because he knows Richard noticed that he is attracted to Maya.

“Sure bro…what is all about?”

“Jacques, my girlfriend here received numerous text messages, which I believe comes from her ex-boyfriend.” Richard gives Maya’s cell phone to Jacques.

Jacques reads the messages and said, “It seems that your ex-boyfriend is not over you yet.”

“You are right bro…last month he was here. We waited for him to show up at Maya’s place but he didn’t do it. Weeks had past and there’s no sign of him. So we all thought that he returned to London. I didn’t know that Maya had been receiving text messages for almost a month now. It’s only now that I found out about it.”

“I see…. Since we already have suspect it will be very easy to solve it. For the meantime, I might ask someone to watch Maya at a far distance, for her safety.”

“Bodyguard? I hate bodyguards.” Says Maya.

“But that’s for your protection, honey. By the way, how about the numbers he uses in sending messages to Maya. Would not that be a lead already?” Richard asks Jacques.

“It’s hard to make it as a basis, since its all prepaid numbers. It’s hard to detect even if those numbers still exist.” Jacques said in Richard’s inquiry.

Jacques asks Maya, “If you don’t mind Maya, why did you break-up with Mart?”

“He cheated on me; he had an affair with my best friend.”

“When did you find out? What did you do?” Jacques asked.

“I confronted them and didn’t give Mart a chance to explain his side. I immediately broke up with him.”

“I see… so that’s the reason why Mart came here last month and started sending you these text messages.

I guess Mart is still in love with you and he wants you back. Just like what the messages says “You’re mine, only mine”.

“What??? Richard said. That’s absurd, I won’t let that happen…over my dead body. No way!!! He can’t get Maya from me. Never…!”

Maya is surprised with Jacques’ theory, because it makes a lot of sense.


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