Thank You For Loving Me 7

Thank You For Loving Me


Teresita glances at her window when he heard Richard’s car. She was about to return to her bed when she notices that Maya walked towards behind their house, she was about to go down to meet Maya when Maya re-appears and enters the house.

Teresita glances again where Maya came from, when all of a sudden a shadow of a man appears, looking directly at Maya. Teresita is wondering, who could that be, so she waits at her window until the shadow appears. She is surprised to see who owns that shadow. It is Mart…. Maya’s ex-boyfriend, “What is he doing here?” Teresita ask herself

Teresita goes back to her bed when she sees that Mart left their place already. She can’t sleep; she is worried for Maya. She decides to tell Maya the following day.

Teresita wakes up early; she is already fixing the breakfast table when Maya goes down.

“Good morning Ma” said Maya, and kissed her on the cheek, Maya noticed that her Mom is not herself. So she asked, “Ma what’s wrong? Are you angry with me, because I got home late?”

Teresita smiles at her daughter and said; “Of course not…I know you are in good hands.”

“Then why are you like that? What’s bothering you? Are you sick? Is there anything bad in your health?” Maya asks her mother almost crying.

Teresita tapped Maya’s shoulder and said; “There’s nothing wrong with me but yes something is bothering me. Last night when Richard brought you home, I was still awake, waiting for you to arrive….”

“Oh no! Ma, are you angry with me because you saw me kissing Richard. Ma I’m so sorry, I just love Richard that’s why I accepted his love. But if you don’t want me into a relationship then I will break up with him.” Maya said crying to her mom.

“No don’t do that, yes, I did see you two kiss but I’m not angry in fact I’m very happy because you found the right man for you.”

“Really, Ma?” Maya asks her mom.

Teresita nods her head.

“Then what are you worrying about?”

Teresita sighs and says to Maya. “Sit down baby…. As I’ve said last night when I saw you come home, I noticed you walk towards the side of our house. What did you do there?”

“Oh is that what you are worried about mom? It’s nothing; I just thought I saw a shadow of a man. But I checked it out, there’s no one there. So I just ignored it and went inside the house. I didn’t bother to visit you in your room thinking that you were already asleep.”

“It’s alright baby, but you are right, there’s really man in that area of our house, he hid himself when he noticed that you were coming towards him. Maybe he is afraid that you will find him so soon.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand…who is that man?”

Teresita looks into his daughter and said, “Baby, the shadow that you’ve seen last night belongs to Mart. I saw him when he emerged again from where he was hiding. Mart looked at you before he left.”

Maya is surprised with what her mother had said to her. She didn’t know what to do. What is Mart doing here in Manila? And how did he find out where we live? Maya asks herself…. and said “Ma, what am I going to do?”

“Don’t worry baby, I’m here for you and Richard also. Which reminds me, why are you not dressed up yet are you not going to church today with Richard?”

We will hear mass in the afternoon. But he will come over for lunch. He just called me a while ago. Ma, should I tell this to Richard? I mean what you saw last night?”

“But of course my baby…you should tell this to Richard. We don’t know what is in Mart’s mind. At least we are always ready. In fact, we are lucky because we found out about it early. We can take safety precautions against Mart in case he will do something. Too bad for Mart, he doesn’t know that we already know that he is here in Manila.”

“Yeah, you are right Ma. I think Papa is still protecting us.”

“Yeah. She’s still watching us”, Teresita said in misty eyes.

Maya feels bad for her mom for she knows she still misses her dad, just like her. “Let’s eat ma, I’m starving already and you are already late for mass.” Maya said to her mom.

“You are right, let’s eat I’m already late for mass. But wait, when I leave, you will be alone here, what if Mart comes back and does something bad to you?”

“Don’t worry mom, I can take care of myself. I got an idea mom, can you drop me at Auntie’s house? I’ll ask her what kind of food Richard wants to eat for lunch.”

“That’s a good idea…so you better hurry I’m already late for the mass.”

“Yes, Ma.”

Teresita drops Maya at Richard’s house. Maya on the other hand, asks Esmeralda if she can accompany her to the supermarket, which Esmeralda agrees immediately.

While in the supermarket, Esmeralda whispered to Maya that she noticed a man following them, wherever they go.

Maya already had an idea who that was but chose to ignore so that her Auntie won’t get nervous. She just told her Auntie maybe she is just being suspicious. But deep inside, she was also nervous. She just got all the things she needed for the food the she will cook for Richard and went to the cashier and left the supermarket
On their way home, Maya told Esmeralda that she was right about the man following them. She told her that is was Mart, her ex-boyfriend.

“What your ex-boyfriend? What is he doing here?”

“I don’t know Auntie, Mama saw him last night at our house. She was hiding beside our house. She didn’t know that we already knew he was here. That’s why; I ignored you a while ago, so that he won’t get suspicious.”

“I see, so what’s your plan now? From what I heard from Richard, you and Mart didn’t part in good terms, is that true?”

“Yes, Auntie, I broke up with him because of his infidelity and he didn’t agree with it. But I stood up with my decision and left London.”

“I see…In my opinion, you better tell this to Richard.”

“Yes, Auntie…that’s really my plan. I will tell Richard about it when we have lunch in my house later.”

“That’s good, by the way, is Richard going to pick you up in the house or will I take you to your place?”

“Yes, Richard will pick me up here, Auntie after his breakfast meeting. I don’t want to give Mart a chance to talk to me, while I haven’t talked to Richard. It’s hard to trust Mart’s action. If he has good intentions in going back to Manila, then why didn’t he show himself, instead of hiding?”

“Well, you have a point there….”

Richard was already at home when they arrived from supermarket. He kissed Maya and immediately unloaded the things she bought from the supermarket and transferred it to his car.

Richard and Maya kiss Esmeralda and bid her goodbye….

Not so far away, Mart is looking at them and whispers to himself…. “You can’t have Maya in your life that I promise myself”, smiled deviously and left.


After eating their lunch, Maya was quite uneasy and Richard notice her actions.

“What’s wrong with you? It seems you are uneasy? Is there a problem? Care to tell me, what it is?”

Maya sighs and said, “Richard I have to tell you something…. Mart is here.”

“What? What’s he doing here? How did you know he was here?”

“I don’t know. It was mom who saw him.” Maya told everything to Richard, she didn’t hide anything from him.

Richard was furious with what Maya had told him. “We must do something about this. You might be in danger. I better get you a bodyguard so that you’ll be safe from him.”

“Richard, no! I don’t want to have a bodyguard. I will feel uneasy if there is always somebody following me. I can take care of myself, honey. And I don’t think Mart will do anything wrong to me. It’s not his character.”

Richard was angry. “What? You don’t want to have a bodyguard. Are you still eager to see him? Do you still care for him?”

Maya smiled to what Richard had said…

“Why are you smiling? There’s nothing funny to what I’ve said.”

“You are so cute…you are getting more handsome when you get jealous….” (Laughs)

“I’m not jealous! I’m just worried for your safety.”

“Oh really? It’s not what I saw in your facial reaction.”

“Why? What’s my facial reaction?”

“I see a furious face… it’s seems that if Mart is here, I think you’d already hit him…Ha! Ha! Ha…”


“Yeah…I feel flattered… you just showed me how much you love me, honey. But honestly speaking, I don’t feel anything for Mart, though I want to talk to him. So I will know what he wants from me. That’s why; I’m waiting for him to come to our place, so that we can already talk about our past and put an end to it. But when that happens I want you to be there too.”

“Thank goodness! I feel relieved. I thought you are still interested in Mart and yes, I’m jealous over Mart. Because I know that you also love him and he has become a part of your life.”

She smiles and said… “It’s you that I love. Mart is just part of my past.”

Since you don’t want to have a bodyguard, let me assign myself as your personal bodyguard. You cannot go out without me. I will pick you up every morning and take you home every night. No more “BUTS”, that’s an order, understand?”

“Yes sir”, Maya salutes to Richard.

Richard laughs and kisses Maya on the lips.


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