Thank You For Loving Me 6

Thank You For Loving Me


Richard said to Maya…”come I’ll bring you to your cabin. You can rest there for awhile. I will pick up in a couple of minutes to see the sunset.

“Ok thank you. I’ll just freshen up myself

“We can also go swimming later. Richard told Maya

I don’t have with me extra clothes. Maya reply

I bought one there for you or you can swim in your undies”

“No way… I won’t swim with my undies.”

“Then wear the one I bought for you.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Okay… I’ll just be here with Bradley.”

“Okay…see you later.”

Maya proceeds to her cabin. While Richard prepares the surprise he made for Maya’s birthday.

Maya check the closet first before freshening up

Maya opens her closet and saw a lavender cocktail dress with matching shoes. It’s so pretty. She immediately take a shower and ready herself before Richard picks her up at her cabin.

It was close to 6:00PM when Richard knocks Maya’s cabin. “Maya are you ready now? Can I come in?”

“Yes Richard I’m ready and you can come in.”

Richard is now wearing a long sleeve polo. He changes from his casual wear. He is extremely handsome.

Richard opens the door and get inside and saw Maya already wearing the dress

You are so beautiful in that dress.

Thank you. You too, look so handsome in your long sleeve.

Thank you…“Come outside…. It’s almost sunset and dinner is almost ready.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

When Maya steps out from her cabin, she is surprised with what she sees. The two stepped out from Maya’s cabin as a red carpet awaits them…on the carpet were rose petals gathered extravagantly…the two went to the upper deck for more surprises awaiting, there was a chef and two waiters standing beside a set table, ready for dinner…suddenly a violinist arrived on the scene and started playing romantic music.

Maya was overwhelmed she was speechless. She was really touched with Richard’s surprise birthday gift for her.

Thank you. What this all about?

Why? Are you not please with the things you see?

I like it. I’m not complaining? I’m just asking…I’m so touch.

I’m glad you like my surprise. Come let see the sunset before we have our dinner
Maya accepts Richard’s hand and watch the sunset side by side. Then Richard went at Maya’s and embraces her while his chin at Maya’s shoulder. And whisper to Maya’s ear, as the sun down and have as it rises tomorrow a new beginning awaits for the two of us. Happy birthday my sunshine

Maya was teary eyed. She can’t speak. She is so happy and overwhelm by the things Richard made for her. Richard I don’t know what to say…..I’m really really touched by your surprises. Thank you very much. She kiss Richard on the lips and smile

Richard was surprise and speechless.

Bradley announce that dinner is already waiting for them.

Come lets have dinner. Maya tell Richard. Richard just follows.

As she is about to eat…another surprise person appeared. Pipay, a well-known singer. Pipay sang a song for them..

Maya almost chokes…when she heard what Pipay sings. It’s her favorite song…”It Might be You”.

Why? Richard asks?

“The song…she said”

“You don’t like it?”

“No, I like it. You asked her to sing it?

“Yeah…I know you will like it”

“Thank you”.

He had never been this likeable. She wanted to hug and kiss him-nonstop. Richard just prove to her how much important her to his life.

They ate while her favorite song was being sang by Pipay accompanied by a violin at the background

“What now?” she asks Richard when they finished eating. “If the purpose of all these-the flowers, the music, the food-is to make me happy on my 21st birthday then you succeeded. I’m very happy and Pipay, she turn to Pipay and said Thank you so much, and you are really a good singer”.

Thank you and bow to her.

“I’m sorry but the purpose why we are here is not to make you happy.”

She was stunned. “So what is the reason? Please tell me,” Maya said.

“The reason for all these is for you to fall in love with me. I love you.”

Though Maya already knew this would come, she is still perplexed to what Richard had said.

“Did I say something wrong?” “I love you,” he said with sincerity. “So do I succeed in making you fall for me.”?

“Can I think first?”

“Okay, I give you 5 seconds to think…one”

“Hey! That’s fast”.


She just kept quite.


“Oh Richard…. I love you too.”

“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard in my life.”

“Richard stands up and kiss Maya passionately on the lips
When they apart Richard says….the sweetest lips I ever tasted.

“Shall we dance?’ Richard asked

“Okay. She said”

Pipay start singing “All My Life” accompanied by the violinist.

As they dance, Maya smiles because all the songs that Pipay sang are her favorites.

“What are you thinking?” Maya asks Richard….

“I’m thinking I hope… One year, two years, 10 years or 20 years, I hope to be with you on your birthday every year.”

“Is that so?”

They stop dancing for awhile.

“This is for you.”

“For me, thank you. Can I open it?”

“It’s beautiful! It looks like pearl. My birthstone? What’s this?”

“It’s Olivine (Peridot). It’s my lucky stone. It’s the only gem that originates from outer space. The stone is a fragment of the meteor that didn’t burn out in the earth atmosphere. Pearl comes from the sea and olivine (Peridot) comes from another corner of the universe. But they’re strung together now.”

“Really? I want to wear it. Isn’t too big?”

“It not a bracelet, it’s an anklet.”

“What are you doing?”

“I learn this from a movie. Giving an anklet as a present means those two people will meet again in their next lives. We’ll meet again in our next lives.”

“Oh Richard…I love you so much. You just didn’t know how you made my birthday so special. I’m so happy. I love you… I love you…”

“I love you too Maya….”

With that the two kiss… as they kissed fireworks followed. They watch the fireworks display hand in hand.

Then Maya confesses to Richard something…. “You know what? I’m already in love you when we were in Tagaytay. I just didn’t tell you. For I’m afraid my feeling for you will not be reciprocated.”

“Really! You already loved me that time. And yet you didn’t tell.”

“Yes I’m already in love with you that time. But I’m afraid that you are still in love with Alex and that I’m just a mere replacement of her.”

“Why did you belittle yourself? You are not a replacement of Alex. I may love Alex before but now it’s you that I love most. It’s you that I always wanted to see. It’s you who give me light and shed all my fears in life. I love you so much Maya remembers that for always.”

“Yes Richard. I will remember it for always. For I love you so much also. I’ve never felt these feelings when I was still with Mart.”

“Let’s make a promise that our loved will be based on trust and honesty. No matter what comes in our way, we will always tell one another what we feel. No hiding of feelings.” Richard told to Maya.

“I promise.” Maya said…

“I promise too”, Richard said…

They sealed their promises with a kissed.

After their declaration of love… the two agree to go for a night swim…. Aince they are ducked in Subic Bay Yacht Club. They swam until they got tired.

They decided to return from their sailing almost midnight already.

It is almost dawn when Richard brings Maya at her home. They were seated in Richard’s car.

Richard said to Maya… “You now take a rest. I will see you in the afternoon. But I will call you.”

Ok. “You too take a rest”.

Richard kisses Maya on the lips. Then said “goodnight… Honey dream of me.”

“Goodnight too, dream of me also.”

But of course! They give each other light kisses.

Maya came out of the car and then turned to Richard again and said, “Drive carefully, and Love you…”

“Love you too….” with that Richard left Maya’s place.

Maya is about to enter the house when she notices a shadow behind their house.

Maya asks, “Who is that? She walks slowly towards that area of their house to look who it was. Though she was nervous, she just makes herself strong and brave. When she reaches the area… no one was there. She was so sure she saw a shadow of a man.

Maya just ignored it and said, “Ah I might be sleepy. I just see things even there’s none. So she enters their house already.

After 30 minutes, she receives a text message from Richard that he is already at home.”

Maya smiles with Richard’s sweet text message. She replied to Richard’s text message.

The shadow appears again…and said “I’ll get you back Maya…. you are mine only….”

Then the shadow man left Maya’s place…


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