Thank You For Loving Me 4

Thank You For Loving Me


Richard arrives in their home, whistling. His parents are in the dining area. He went there to greet his parents.

“Hi Dad, hi Mom….”

“Oh there you are. Come join us for dinner”, his mom said.

“Where have you been the whole day? It seems you are very happy son. Richard’s father said.

I just had my dinner mom. I just tasted the best adobo in town. It’s so delicious mom.”

“Really? Better than mine.”

“You are correct Mom, much better than your adobo. I’ll just take some fruits.”

“You haven’t answered my question yet Richard’, His dad said.

“What was your question again dad?”

“I said where have you been the whole day and you seem to be very happy.”

“Oh yes I’m really happy today and I went to Tagaytay to accompany my new friend.”

“Tagaytay? I thought you hated that place.”

“Not anymore dad.”

“And this new friend of yours…is she a girl or one of your male friends?”

“A girl dad and mom she is the one who cooks the best adobo. I had dinner with her at her home. Since her mom was not around yet, I accompanied her until her mom arrived. Which reminds me dad…do you know anybody by the name Arturo dela Rosa?”

“Arturo dela Rosa? Hmm his name is familiar. Let me think….”

“Darling, is he one of your engineers before in the site and you’re fishing buddy?”

“Yeah…yeah… that’s him I remember. Where did you meet him? I know their family left Manila. I don’t know they returned already.”

“Richard…” his mom said. “Is the girl you are telling me about who cooks the best adobo is the daughter of Arturo? Maya?”

“Yes mom do you know Maya?”

“Oh how can I forget that child… she has the best smile in the world. She is the daughter that I never had.”

Your mom adores Maya when she was a child. Every time Arturo brings his family for fishing, your mom is always happy because she will see Maya again.”

“How come I never met her that time?”, said Richard.

“Because you are very busy with…”

“Alex?”, Richard finishes.

“Yeah. Son.”

“It’s fine dad. Alex is already part of my past. I have to move on.”

“Richard is that you who is talking with us? Are you not sick?” Richard’s moms put her hand at Richard’s forehead to check his temperature.

“Mom I’m fine. Maya helps me to see things more clearly and in a positive way.”

“By the way, when did they return from London?”

“Months ago.”

“Wait you mention that you accompanied Maya in their house because her mom is not around yet. Where is her dad?

“Maya’s dad passed away more than 2 months already. Maya decided to return to Manila because her mom’s health is deteriorating in London. Due to her dad’s passing away.”

Oh no! That must be really very hard for Teresita. They are a perfect couple. They are always in love with one another. Hope they will be better soon

Richard’s mom felt bad for Maya and said “why don’t you invite Maya and Teresita to have dinner with us tomorrow night?”

“Hey that’s a good idea mom. I will call them now to extend your invitation.”

Richard calls Maya at her cell. “Sleeping already sweetie pie?”

Richard’s parents looked eye-to-eye and smiled to each other. They understand each other what they want to say.

“Just about to sleep if you didn’t call. Why did you call? Is there anything-wrong Richard?”

“Mom and Dad are inviting you to have dinner with us tomorrow night. Mom misses you a lot. Why didn’t you tell me that you knew my parents?”

“I didn’t know uncle and auntie are your parents. I thought you just have the same surname. And during those times I was in your house you are not there. I didn’t know you were their son. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Hey wait! Mom wants to talk to you. Here…”

“Hello Maya. How are you? I’m sorry about your father. We didn’t know. Do come tomorrow night I miss you. It’s been already 10 years since we’ve seen each other.”

“I miss you too auntie. Yeah it’s been ten years since we saw each other. How’s uncle?”

“Oh he is fine and he is also dying to see you now. You are already a grown up woman. You are already 21 years old, am I right Maya”

“Yes Auntie I’ll be turning 21 this June.”

“Ok here’s Richard again…”

“Maya… it’s me Richard. Well, you better have a good night sleep I will pick you up at around 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. And Maya I will eat my breakfast there again. Good night and sweet dreams.”

“Ok Good night Richard.”

“How did you meet Maya?”, Roberto asks Richard.

“Oh I almost forgot to tell you that she is my newly hired system analyst. We just knew each other yesterday. I saw her in the corridor of the HR dept. I was about to follow-up with Shirley if she already hired a new system analyst. I saw her in the corridor beaming her sunshine smile. She greeted me with her smile. And I don’t know what was in her smile that captured me, especially my heart.”

“I was so happy when Shirley told me that the girl I saw in the corridor was my new system analyst. Then I also found out that Maya and Lisa, my secretary was close friends. I didn’t know what came to me last night. When I saw Maya at Lisa’s cubicle after her interview I invited them for dinner, including Lisa’s boyfriend Simon.”

“During last night dinner and this whole day trip with Maya. I’m so happy. I can’t describe the happiness that I’m feeling now.”

“We are happy for you son. We hope this will be the start of your new outlook in life.” His dad commented to him.

“I also hope so dad…. I got to take a rest now. I have to be early tomorrow. Good night mom. Good night dad.” He kissed them both.

Richard’s parents were so happy to see the change in their son’s life.


Maya on the other hand can’t sleep. She was so confused. She didn’t know what was happening to her this morning. She was so happy with Richard’s company this morning. She can’t explain the happiness she felt in her heart. She can’t understand herself why she can’t say “NO” to Richard. She can’t explain why she can’t resist Richard’s invitation. To think it was only yesterday that they met and he was her future boss. She didn’t understand why her heart trusted Richard that easily. She is not like that to anyone, even with Mart.

Maya calls up Lisa on the phone.

“Hello Lisa…it’s me Maya. Did I wake you up?”

“No I’m still awake, Simon just left, why did you call? Is there a problem?”

“Lisa, I’m confused…I really don’t know what’s happening to me. You know what? I’ve been with Richard the whole day. He accompanied me going to Tagaytay and malls. And I’m so happy about it.”

“Really? Wow that’s great…. So what’s the problem with that?”

“Lisa? Isn’t it too early…? I don’t know I’m confused. I just came from a bad relationship. I don’t know if I’m ready to have another one. And another thing, I just met him yesterday. And how come I can’t turn down his request to me. Am I insane already?”

“Maya stop worrying ok? You are an intelligent lady you can handle it. Just take one step at a time, ok? Another thing, you will learn more about Sir Richard once you start working with him. Just pray, so that you will be guided properly, my friend. Don’t worry Simon and I will always be here for you. You are very lucky sir Richard’s falling for you. A lot of girls are wooing him but nobody succeeded.”

“How about you? Didn’t you fall for Richard’s charm?”

“I’ll be hypocrite if I say no. I got attracted to sir Richard but I didn’t fall for him. Because I’m so much in love with Simon. Simon is my soul mate. And may be, sir Richard is your soul mate.”

“Lisa…stops teasing me….”

“I’m not teasing you. Believe me my friend sir Richard is attracted to you. And stop worrying.”

“Well I guess you are right. I have to stop worrying and just take one step at a time. Thanks for your time. I have to sleep; Richard will be here by 7:00 AM tomorrow to pick me up again. We will go to church together before touring around again. I have to wake up early since Richard wants me to cook breakfast for him.”

“Whoa? That’s something… I think you too are really destined to be together. My friend you have a lot of things to tell me. Let’s meet tomorrow night after your date with sir Richard.”

“Lisa I’m sorry but I can’t. My mom and I were invited by Auntie and Uncle – Richard’s parents to have dinner with them.”

“What? Hmm do I smell something going on here; that I didn’t know yet?”

“Lisa it’s only this evening I learned that Richard’s parents were my parents friends way back 10 years ago. My father used to work as an Engineer in one of their construction businesses of Lim and my Dad and Richard’s dad are fishing buddies before. There are times that Dad will bring Mom and me to their fishing. Auntie and Mom will always take turn to take care of me. Auntie is very fond of me, because according to her I’m the daughter that she never had. But during those instances that we were there I haven’t met Richard. That’s why I didn’t know him at all.”

“I see. Well what a small world huh. I guess this what you called fate, my friend.”

“Do you think so, Lisa?”

“Based on what you told me. Yes its fate or destiny.”

“Ok thanks Lisa for your time. I really have to say good night and promise we will go out one day. Good night and thanks Lisa.”

“You’re always welcome my friend and good night also. Sweet dreams.”

With that Maya turn off her phone and sleeps with a smile on her face.


Maya wakes up early and prepared breakfast for her mom, Richard and herself. She cooked Filipino breakfast.

Thirty minutes before 7:00AM Richard arrives in their doorstep.

“Good morning! You are early…”

“Yeah… because I don’t want to hurry in eating breakfast. Where’s tita?”

“She is still asleep. Mama wakes up late during Sunday. I just left her breakfast. She will just reheat later. Come let’s eat….”

Richard and Maya eat their breakfast together. Maya asked Richard where they be going today.

“We will go to church first then we will visit your father’s grave. Then tell me where you want to go

‘Maya was misty-eyed” with what Richard had said.

“Is there any thing wrong to what I told you?”

“No…no…it’s just that you are so too good to be true and you even thought of visiting Papa first before anything else

“We all know that Sunday is family day and I want to talk to your father. I want to tell her something.”

“Huh? What will you tell papa?”

“Later, you will know it. Let’s finish our food so that we can go now or else we will be late for church.”

So they ate quietly. But in their hearts and mind both are very happy.

After they finished eating, Richard insists that he will wash the dishes. Maya didn’t protest, for she knew she would not win over Richard.

After Richard finishes washing the dishes. Maya left a note to her mom and they left.

They went to church to hear the Sunday services. Then they proceed to the Christ The King where the ashes of Maya’s dad were placed.

Maya and Richard pray silently. Then Richard said, “Tito I’m Richard Lim, Your daughter’s new friend. I want to promise you that I will take care of Maya in your behalf. I will be here always for her.”

Maya was touched with what Richard had said to her father’s grave. She wants to cry. She can’t help it but she knows at the very short time she is falling for Richard. She just doesn’t know if Richard feels the same for her. Or Richard just wants a plain friendship for his heart still belongs to Alex.

After their visit at the cemetery. They went to their destination. They strolled around Metro Manila. People who see them together always thought they are lovers or a married couple. The sweetness they have for each other just naturally comes out.

They came back almost 5:00PM. Richard dropped by Maya at her place and said he will be back in two hours to pick up her and her Mom for the dinner that his parents planned to have with Maya and her Mom Goodbye see you later

“Yeah,” Maya said and wave goodbye to Richard.

Maya’s mom been at the doorstep and saw the two arrive.

“Oh hi Mama! Aren’t you ready for the dinner tonight at Uncle and Auntie’s place?”

“Oh it’s still early to prepare. I have lots of time to do it. Can we talk?”

“Sure ma, what do you want to talk about?”

“Is my daughter falling in love again? Isn’t too early? I don’t want you to be heartbroken again. You are too precious to me. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Oh Mama! Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. And to answer your question. I really don’t know Ma. I’m really confused still. But I do like him a lot Ma. Don’t worry I have all the time to know him once I start working him.”

“That’s another thing, will there be no conflict in your work. Now that you and Richard are friends?”

“I really don’t know Ma, I will find out tomorrow once I start working with him. Ma, I have a feeling you don’t like Richard?”

“Of course not! I like him; in fact I like him for you. I know his family. It’s just that, he is older than you by many years and very good looking. He might play around…

“Ma would you believe if I tell you he doesn’t have a girlfriend for almost 10 years.”

“What? That can’t be? Maya, Are you sure he is a real man?”

“Ma! How could you say that to Richard? He had a traumatic experience in his first love. And he had a hard time coping with it.”

“Ahh.ok. I though he was….”


“It seems my daughter is very much affected huh?”


“Ok…Ok …I’ll make myself ready for the dinner tonight.”


Richard arrives 30 minutes before 7 PM. “Good evening Tita. Good evening Maya. Ready?”

“Yeah were ready”, Maya said.

When Richard saw Maya he was mesmerized by her beauty and can’t help not to admire her even in front of her mom.

“Maya you are so beautiful… more beautiful than the night.” Richard said.

Maya blushes and says thank you to Richard.

Richard assisted Maya sitting in front of the car. After Maya settled in front of his car Richard opened the back door for her Tita Teresita to ride.

As they drove to Accropolis. Richard noticed Maya is holding something. He asks what it is.

Maya said… “Just a small token for Auntie and Uncle.”

“You are very thoughtful; you know what Mom is looking forward to see you again. She is so excited. She is looking forward to this dinner. She is so busy since this morning. Tell you frankly… I’m a little but jealous.”

“Jealous? Of me? Why?”

“Because Mom never does that to me.”

“Don’t worry I will tell Auntie to throw dinner for you also.”

“Don’t worry Richard I will throw a dinner for you in our house”, says Teresita.

“Really? Tita!”

“You will do that Ma? How come you also never throw a party for me?”

“Now were even.”, Richard laughs.

“Yeah were even…” Maya mimics what Richard said.

Teresita just shakes her head in amusement of the two.

After few more minutes. Then arrive at Lim residence.

Richard’s parents were already waiting outside. Esmeralda immediately opened the front door car and helped Maya emerged from the car.

She immediately kisses and hugs Maya. “Maya you are so grown up. Darling come here. Look at Maya she is so beautiful.” Esmeralda said to Roberto.

Roberto that time is already chatting with Teresita.

Roberto approaches Esmeralda to greet Maya. Upon seeing Maya…Roberto only says “no wonder Arturo’s daughter has smitten my son. You are very beautiful.”

Maya’s cheeks are all red because of the praises she receives from Richard’s parents.

“Thank you. Auntie and Uncle, I’m flattered. By the way…here’s something for you.”

“Oh thank you very much. You are still very thoughtful. You never change. Let’s go inside and dinner is served already.”

During dinner, Esmeralda said…. “Maya… Ricky told me that you made the best adobo. He even told me that your adobo is much better than mine.”

Maya blushes again and said… “no Auntie I guess Richard is just teasing you when he said that.”

“I’m not kidding. It’s true that your adobo taste much better than mom’s.” Richard said.

“See I told you….” Edmeralda said.

“Ok Auntie I will tell you the secret of my adobo. Actually it’s Papa’s recipe.”

“Oh I see. I’m sorry about your dad. We didn’t know.”

“It’s okay. I already accepted it.” Teresita said.

They chatted more about their life in London.

After dinner Richard’s parents and Teresita had coffee at the veranda. Richard and Maya opted to stay in the music room.

Esmeralda told Teresita about Richard’s life before meeting Maya. She told Teresita how grateful they are to Maya’s presence. Because Richard’s outlook has changed.

Teresita also told them that she is happy Maya met Richard. Because he knows now her daughter didn’t turn out to be a man hater after her traumatic experience in love at London.

Esmeralda said… “I guess its destiny that the two meet I just wish their friendship will blossom into something else.”

“That’s what I’m hoping also.” Teresita said.

Later Richard and Maya joined them.

It was almost 11:00 PM when Teresita and Maya says goodbye to Lim family.

Esmeralda said” I hope this is not the last time we are going to eat dinner together.”

“Don’t worry mom…. there will be a lot more time that you can have dinner with Maya. That’s a promise mom.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Maya bid goodbye to Richard’s parents. “Goodbye Auntie. Goodbye Uncle. I had a great time with you.” Then rode on Richard’s car. Teresita is already settled at the back seat of the car.

Maya waves goodbye.

Roberto told Richard. “Drive carefully.”

“Yes dad. I will.”


“Here we are”, Richard said.

“Richard thanks for the ride. I’ll go ahead; I’m a little bit tired and sleepy already.” Teresita said to Richard.

“Okay Tita… Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Richard.”

Maya kisses her mom on the cheek and said goodnight.

Maya turns to Richard and said…. “Richard I really had a great time today. Goodnight. We still have work tomorrow.”

“Me too Maya I had my best time today. I hope we can do it again. Okay Goodnight also and dream of me.” Richard kissed Maya on the cheek.

Goodnight Richard. Drive carefully. Text me when you arrived safely.”

“Okay. I will. Bye.”

With that Richard left and Maya enters inside their house.

Maya is so happy. She can’t describe how she is feeling right now. She just gets her journal and writes there what had happen to her the whole day.

After writing in her journal. She readies herself to sleep when she received a text message from Richard. Informing her that he is at home already.

She replies by saying Goodnight. And she sleeps with a smile on her face.


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