Thank You For Loving Me 3

Thank You For Loving Me


Maya wakes up with a ring in her cell. She didn’t know whose number it was. She answers her phone and said…

“Hello. Good Morning this Maya dela Rosa…Who’s this please?”

“Good Morning Maya…Did I wake you up? This is Richard by the way.”

“Sir Richard?…. How did you get my number? As I remember it, I didn’t give you my number, as well as, you didn’t asked for it?”

Richard laughs and said, Drop the “sir thing”. “Remember last night when I told you a friend of mine sent me an important message?”

“Yes” Maya replied.

“Well, that friend of mine gave me your number. So here I am in front of your gate waiting for you to wake up.”

“What? Maya jump’s off her bed and peeks out her window and sees Richard standing behind his car.

Richard waves at Maya upon seeing her at her window.

Maya asked Richard what he is doing there.

Richard replied, “I’m planning to take you to roam around the city. For sure you miss Manila, you’ve been away for 5 years.”

Maya was speechless, because that was her plan today. She plans to ask Lisa and Simon to accompany her.

Richard said, “Maya are you still there?”

Maya said, “yeah I’m still here I’m just flattered by your thoughtfulness. By the way, have you eaten your breakfast already?”

Richard replied, “Err not yet. I’m hoping we could have breakfast together.”

Maya blushed then said, “Okay, wait for me downstairs.”

Maya opens their door and lets Richard in. And said, “I will prepare breakfast and let’s eat together.”

Richard was surprised and said, “You will cook our breakfast?”

“Yes…don’t worry I won’t poison you….”

Richard didn’t know how to react but he is so happy learning that Maya will cook for him. Richard asks, “Where’s your mom?”

Maya said her mother visited some of their relatives in the province.

After few minutes, Maya serves breakfast on the table and they ate together. While eating they talked on their itinerary for the day.

Richard asks Maya if there is one particular place she wants to go.

Maya replied, “Yeah I want to visit Tagaytay”

Richard smiles and said they we will go there. Maya didn’t know but Richard was hoping she would say Tagaytay.


In Tagaytay, they went to Picnic Grove and ride a horse.

Richard asks Maya about her stay in London.

Maya said that her 5 years in London brings her happy and sad memories. She’d rather remember the happy moments and forget all the bitter past memories that London gave her.

Richard asks if she has plans to go back in London someday.

Maya said “of course I love to go back to London to visit all the beautiful places there and to see also our former house there. I just want to know if the new owner takes care of it properly. Just like what I requested his assistant.”

Richard just nods to what Maya had said. Then ask Maya if he can ask her a personal question. That she can choose not to answer if she doesn’t want too.

Maya said… “Okay? What do you want to ask?”

Richard said, “I really couldn’t believe that you don’t have someone special in London, unless he is part of your bitter past that you want to forget?”

Maya was stunned to what Richard had said. Has Richard read what is on her mind? Maya smiles at Richard and said….

“Do you know how to read minds of other people?”

Richard laughs and said, “It’s you who have that ability.”

“What? Me?”, Maya replied….

“Yes. When I asked you a while ago if you have any particular place to go. You said Tagaytay. Did you know that it was also what was in my mind? I really wanted to come here.

“Richard wait…” Maya cuts him and said… “It’s you not me who can read minds. This morning I’m really planning to roam around and asked Lisa and Simon to go with me. Then when you asked that personal question…you still know what is on my mind.”

Richard laughs and said,”I guess this is what you call mental telepathy.”

“Mental telepathy?”

“Yeah…they said if two people could read each other minds they are meant for each other.”

“Huh? Who said that?”

Richard just shrugs his shoulder and said, “Are you going to answer my question?”

Maya said, “I would in one condition?”

“What condition?”

“If you tell me why you don’t have a girlfriend for almost a decade. You don’t look gay to me.”

“What did you say? I’m gay? Tell me that again and I will kiss you…” Richard told Maya with a smile on his face.

Maya wiggles her heads and said “sorry…. I won’t mention that word again promise.”

Richard teases Maya… “What word that you won’t like to mention?”

“Those three letters…”

“What three letters?”

“Richard you can’t fool me so that you can kiss me.”

Richard laughs…. his very first real laugh after so many years. “OK that’s enough. Ok I will tell you the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend for a long time.”

“Ok then.” Maya looks so serious and starts to open up with Richard.

Maya told Richard that she found out that mart and her bestfriend Katrina are having an affair. That Mart asked for forgiveness and that it was Katrina who seduced him. Maya said she didn’t believe what Mart had told her. If Mart didn’t like it he will ignore Katrina’s advances. But he didn’t, he took advantage of Katrina’s flirting with him. With that, she broke off with Mart.

It was just a coincidence that it happened weeks before they will be coming back to Manila. At least, it’s not that painful anymore for her to part ways with Mart.

“So that my story….”

Richard asks Maya if she still loves Mart.

Maya said, “I don’t love him anymore. I don’t like dishonest persons.”

“I see…. Are you ready to fall in love again?”

Maya said, “I don’t know. Maybe if the right man comes along. It’s only then I would say I’m ready to fall in love again.”

“I see….”

“So it’s your turn now to tell me why you are still single and unattached for a long time”.

“Well…at the age of nineteen I experienced my very first heart broken from my first love. She stood me up on my nineteenth birthday. She promised me she’d be on my birthday. I waited for her but she didn’t show up. Then I just found out her whole family left Manila and went to the United States for good. She didn’t even give me a note or message that she will not be coming or that she is leaving for good.

From then on…I didn’t take love seriously. My parents are kind off worried about me already. They want me to get married, have a family of my own. But every time I remember what Alex has done to me, I’m afraid to fall in love again and take love seriously. My father told me once that not all women are the same. Then I just told him that maybe the girl for me is yet to come…”

“I see…after that incident is you and Alex are speaking to each other?”

“Since that day, I haven’t had any contact with Alex and I can’t forgive her for what she did to me.”

“Richard…it’s wrong…you should give Alex the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she has a reason why she left you without talking to you that day. It’s been 10 years already. Don’t tell me you still hold grudges with Alex? You should forgive her already. Do you still love her?”

Richard said, “no I don’t love her anymore…. I don’t know if can forgive her. How about you? Have you forgiven Mart and Katrina for what they did to you?”

“Mine is different…the wounds are still fresh. But once I heal my wound I can forgive them already. I won’t hold any grudges with them. Maybe…they have their own reason why they did it. When I’m ready I will talk to them.”

“I don’t know where Alex now lives in the United States. So how can I talk to her and ask the reason why she stood me up?”

“Then search your heart Richard and find out if you still hate her. If not then in your own time you will forgive her. You will find out…. The feeling is much better if you don’t hold back any hurt feelings. I won’t force you to do it now. But do it slowly…you will succeed. Then maybe, you can now fall in love again.”

“Are you sure…I will succeed.”

“Yes…. Richard. I can see it in your eyes…the first time I saw you yesterday. Your eyes are full of sadness but now I can see it differently. I see glow in your eyes.”



“Will you believe if I tell you that it’s you why I changed a bit in myself? You ask Lisa or any other person in the office and they will tell you what kind of person I am.”

“Me? Well thanks I’m flattered. In a short period of time I was able to change your life a bit. Actually, Ms Shirley already told me that you are a very serious type of boss and very strict. But it’s not what I see in you last night and today.”

Richard smiles…. “So Shirley already warned you about my attitude huh?”

“Well sort of….”

“So what can you say?”

“Well I can’t comment right now. Maybe you are different when you are in the office. The Richard Lim in front of me might be different when he becomes Sir Richard Lim in the office.”

Richard laughs.

Maya smiles at Richard.

Richard then said to Maya “it’s your smile that made me change my attitude. It warms my heart and makes me so at peace.”

Maya blushed with Richard’s revelation and just said, “Are we not going eat now? I’m starving”.

“Oh gosh…I’m sorry I forgot it’s almost lunch already. I forgot the time every time I see you smile.”

Maya just bows her head for she can’t control the blushing of her cheeks.

Richard and Maya head to a fine restaurant and ate there. The people around them keep on glancing at them.

Some diners can’t help not comment what a handsome couple they are. One diner can’t help and voiced out her admiration to them and said. “You two are such a great pair. I guess you are on your honeymoon?”

Maya blushes with what the diner had said. She is about to answer when Richard said,”yes madam, we are….”

Then the diner excused herself and wishes them good luck.

Maya stared at Richard intently and said, “Why did you lie to her?”

Richard said…”look, it would be embarrassing to her if her assumption is wrong. Anyway, what’s the big deal? We are not coming back here for quite sometime. So there’s nothing to worry my dear wifey….”


Their order arrives and they eat quietly. Maya still feels bad but quite excited with what Richard had said to her. Even if it’s a joke…but when Richard said “dear wifey” it’s music to her ears. She can’t help but smile…

Richard saw her smiling and asks, “Why are you smiling?”

Maya blushes and said “nothing…I just remembered something…”

Richard just shrugs his shoulder and continues eating….

Maya on the other hand got something naughty in her mind. She calls Richard and said… “Honey I want you to taste this says ahh…”

Richard is surprised to Maya’s action but obediently does what she asks him to do and opens his mouth.

Maya gives him a calamares… Richard said, “Now it’s my turn honey…say ahh”

Maya blushed but can’t do anything but follow what Richard asked her to do…Richard gave her a bite size of calamares too.

Other diners can’t help not to admire their sweetness and even clap their hands. Maya blushes, her face is almost all red because of embarrassment.

Richard and Maya left the restaurant and laugh their hearts out.

Richard asked Maya what has come into her mind that she started that.

Maya said, “I don’t know…I just want to play. That’s why I do it. Since you said it’s not a big thing at all,”

“Yeah it’s not a big thing for them. But to me it was a big thing.” Richard murmurs to himself.

Maya said, “Did you say anything Richard?”

“No….” Richard said… “Let’s go home now. We still have to see other places.”

“Yeah let’s go.”

Richard and Maya left Tagaytay and toured around Manila. They went to the malls and shops

It’s almost dark when Richard brings Maya home.

“Your house is still dark. Does it mean your Mom is not yet around?”

“Yeah, but she will be here any moment now.”

“Do you want me to accompany you until your mom arrives?”

“Will it not be too much? You already accompanied me the whole day. You must be tired already.”

“Of course not! I’m willing to accompany you.”

“If that’s the case then come in, I’ll cook adobo. You ate dinner here”

“Didn’t you know that’s my favorite food to eat?”


While Maya is preparing the adobo, Richard waits in the dining area and asks if he can help her.

Maya said, “it’s ok. I’m fine here.”

“You know what you can be a good wife.”

Maya smiles to Richard and said “you think so?”

“Of course! You have all the qualities of a good wife.”

“Thanks for your compliments and have coffee first. While I’m preparing the adobo.”

“He drinks his coffee and says, “Hey this is the best coffee I ever drink in my life.”

“Yeah, right…”

“I’m serious it’s really tastes good.”

“Thank you.”

“Tomorrow I will pick you up again. We will go to church then we will visit other places that we are not able to visit today.”

“What? That’s too much already. I’m almost taking up your two days rest period to tour me around . It’s ok Richard you take a rest tomorrow.”

“No it’s fine with me.”

They were arguing when Maya’s mother arrives.

“Maya whose car is that parked in-front of our house?”. Teresita asks Maya when she enters their house.

“Oh hi ma’am good evening…”

“Good evening also.”

“I didn’t know that my daughter has already a male visitor just after a month of her return.” Teresita teased Maya.

“Ma…by the way, Ma this is Richard Lim, my future boss at LGC.”

Richard shakes hand with Maya’s mom.

“Your boss? Richard Lim? Any relation to Roberto Lim?”

“Well he is my dad sir ma’am? Do you know my father ma’am?”

“Yes…he is my husband buddy in fishing when we are still here in Manila and, his boss too. So how are your mom and dad?”

“They are both fine.”

“That’s good and gives my regards to them.”

“I will ma’am.”

Richard you better stay here for dinner. I’ll cooked I will just put my things in my room and change

As a matter of fact, Ma’am, your daughter already invited me to have dinner here. Maya is preparing adobo

That’s good. Maya’s adobo is really good. That’s her expertise


Really ma’am, they I can’t wait to taste it.

“Your mom is right your adobo really taste good. I’m so full. I’ll be going. Sleep tight and don’t forget our date for tomorrow. Good night.”

“Good night, ma’am.”, says Richard. It’s really nice meeting you

“Oh ma’am is too formal just call me Tita.”

“Goodnight Tita and Maya.”

Richard left Maya’s place.

Maya saw her mom in the teasing mood. That’s why she said goodnight to her mom and left her in their living room.

Teresita just shakes her head and smiled.


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