Thank You For Loving Me 1

Very short langnito. Bawa ako next chapter

Thank You For Loving Me



At the HR department.

The HR manager is interviewing Maya dele Rosa for the position of a Systems Analyst in their company.

And this will be the time that Richard will change his outlook in life towards women.

“Maya, congratulations you are just hired as out new Systems Analyst. You will start this Monday April 6, 2009. You will be reporting directly to Mr. Lim, the head of Research and Development.”

Maya couldn’t believe that she already had a job. She thought this would be just her first interview.

“I just want to tell you that Mr. Lim is a very strict boss. He is the serious type of boss, but kind,” says Shirley, the HR Manager

Maya listens attentively to what the HR manager is telling to her. And said, “Thank you Ma’am for choosing me for that position. I will do my best to meet the expectations of my boss.”

Shirley shakes hands with Maya and said, “Welcome to the company. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.”

Maya acknowledges the friendly gesture of the HR manager.

They discuss some more matters and Maya leaves the HR office.

Maya is so happy. She has a reason to be happy’ she got a new job and at the same time she will be working with Lisa and Simon, two of her two close friends.

According to Ms. Shirley, Lisa learned that she is applying for the position of SA. Lisa backed her up on how well and dedicate she is in her job. Now she is on her way to Lisa’s office to thank and see her personally.

At the same time, Richard was also on his way to the HR department.

He notices the woman walking on the opposite direction and she even greets him a Good afternoon. Happiness is written all over the face of that woman.

Richard acknowledges the greeting and proceeds to HR manager’s office.

Upon entering the HR manager office he asks the manager who that woman was with a very bright smile.

Shirley, the HR manager says, “Who Maya dela Rosa? Well she is your new Systems Analyst.”

“Really! She is my new Systems Analyst? That’s great….”, Richard said to himself.

“What did you say Richard?”

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything. I’d better go now.”

“Richard wait, why did you come to my office? Do you have anything to discuss?”

“Oh nothing…forgets it.”

“Okay. By the way Richard, if you want to see her you better hurry back to your office. She might be still there.”

He asks Shirley, “Who?”

“Maya dele Rosa”


“She and Lisa are friends. In fact, Lisa is the one who assured me how good Maya is in her work.”

“How does Lisa know Maya?”

“You are not listening Richard. As I’ve said, Lisa and Maya are childhood friends, including Simon. But they lost contact for 5 years when Maya’s family moved to London. Maya and her mother just returned to Manila last month after her father passed away.”

“Maya wants to thank Lisa for backing her up. Maya is so surprised to find out that Lisa and Simon worked here too. I told Maya that it was Lisa who told me to hire her over the other applicant.”

Richard nods and said to Shirley, “You are really a great manager. You made the right choice. Ok. I’ll better get back to my office.”

Richard hurriedly left Shirley’s office…

Shirley just shakes her head.


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