Thank You For Loving Me 2

Thank You For Loving Me


Richard sees Maya happily chatting with Lisa. He smelled himself and walked to Lisa’s cubicle. Richard can’t explain his feelings, that very moment Maya smiles at him. He feels happiness in his heart right at the moment.


“Oh! Good Afternoon Sir Richard”. Maya did the same thing.

“Sir Richard, this is Maya dela Rosa your new Systems Analyst. She has just been hired. She is my friend.

“I see…”, Richard said. “Welcome to the LGC.”

“Thank you sir”, Maya said. “Lisa, I’ll be leaving, just give my regards to Simon.”

“Bye Sir Richard. Sorry if I interrupted Lisa’s work”, said Maya

Richard doesn’t want Maya to leave yet. He wants Maya to stay longer at his office. He had to think of some reasonable idea to make Maya stay longer.

“No it’s ok. You may still stay Ms. dela Rosa.”

Both Lisa and Maya say thank you.

Richard just smiles and said, “I have a suggestion, Lisa you call Simon and tell him that we will all go out to have dinner. It’s my treat…”

“Sir? Lisa said in surprise.

“Is there anything wrong with what I said? We are going to have dinner to celebrate the reunion of you three and to welcome Ms. dela Rosa in our company. I’ll get my things in my office and we will be leaving. By the way, we will use my car so tell Simon to leave his car here just get it after our dinner.”

Richard leaves the two women and goes into his office.

Lisa and Maya were stunned and speechless. Especially Lisa, it’s the first time that her boss has invited them to dinner.

When Lisa recovered from shock, she gives Maya a naughty smile and calls Simon. She tells him what Richard says.

Maya asks Lisa why she is smiling.

Lisa tells Maya that for the first time Richard has invited them for dinner… after he met you. I smell something like L – O – V – E.

Still clueless as to what Lisa was saying Maya asks her what the fuss was all about.

Lisa is about to reply when her phone rings.

“Hello! Hi Ma’am Shirley…. Yes, Sir Richard is here. Do you want to talk to him?”

“No, it’s ok. How about, Ms dela Rosa? Is she still there also?

“Yes ma’am. Why? Do want to talk to her?”

“No need…. I just want to know if Richard was able to meet Maya face to face.”

“Why ma’am? Are you also puzzled with Sir Richard’s strange actions today?”

“Sort of Why?”

“You know what ma’am? Sir Richard just invited us, Simon, Maya and I for dinner.


“Yes ma’am I’m really puzzled. For the first time, he invited us. Do you think it has something to do with Maya?”

Shirley said ”What do you think, Lisa?”

“I think Sir Richard is attracted to Maya.”

“Me too…and I’m glad that he is now noticing other girls. It’s about time.”

“Ma’am Shirley, I have to go now. Simon is already here. And I’m afraid Sir Richard might think I’m gossiping him.”

“Ok bye…”

“Bye ma’am.”

Maya is still puzzled. She is about to question Lisa when Simon arrives…


“Maya is so happy upon seeing Simon. They hug each other and Richard comes out from his office and said “everybody ready?”

The three just nod and they all leave the office.

Richard immediately stands beside Maya and talks to her, leaving Simon and Lisa behind.

In the parking lot…

Richard opens the passenger seat for Maya. Maya can’t do anything but ride, while Simon and Lisa sits at the back.

Simon and Lisa just smiled at each other as their eyes met. They understand already what they want to say to each other.

On their way to the restaurant, Richard chats with Maya as if they are the only one in the car.

Lisa and Simon just keep staring at each other and shake their head. They can’t believe what they are seeing now. They see a different Richard Lim compared to the Richard Lim they know before.

In the restaurant…

Richard tells Lisa and Simon to order their food and then asks Maya what she wants to order.

Maya said that she’d just take the Kare-kare…

“Oh really! That’s my favorite too,” says Richard

Richard tells their order to the waiter.

While waiting for their order to be served. Richard asks Maya some questions.

Richard said, “I heard that you just came back from London a month ago. Is that right?”

“Yes…that’s true. My mother and I just settled back to Manila after 5 years of stay in London.”

“What made you come back here again?” As if he didn’t know the reason…

“My father passed away and Mama can’t accept the fact that Papa is gone. She is always lonely and depressed and for another reason that I can’t talk to you about. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No. I don’t mind. What is the cause of your father’s sudden death?”

“My father had prostate cancer. We left Manila 5 years ago to bring Papa to London for treatment. But sad to say he still didn’t survive his illness.” Maya was misty-eyed already while telling this to Richard.

Richard gives Maya his hanky to wipe away her tears.

Maya smiles and thanks Richard. Maya returned the hanky to Richard.

Richard said. “You could keep it…. you might cry again later”, and gives her a grin.

Maya pouts her lips to Richard.

Richard almost forgot that Lisa and Simon were with them that time. It seems Richard thought it was only Maya and he at that time.

Simon and Lisa smiles to what they are seeing. They are just happy with what they see in Richard now. Then Simon said. “Ahem…just want to tell you we’re still here…”

Simon and Lisa laughs.

Richard laughs too while Maya blushed…

There food arrives and they eat while chatting with each other.

As they are about to leave, Simon says to Richard to take Maya home because he and Lisa still have other plans for the night.

Maya wants to protest but…

Richard said to Simon, “it’s my honor to take Maya home.”

Maya can’t do anything…

What Maya didn’t know is that it was Lisa’s idea.

Back in the parking lot…

Richard opens the cars door for Maya.

Maya protested and said, “I can take a cab don’t bother bringing me home anymore.”

It seems Richard felt Maya’s hesitation and said’ “it’s truly my honor to bring you home Maya, you won’t bother me at all.” Just tell me where you place is and I will take you there sound and safe.

With those words, Maya entered Richard’s car.

Not so far away, Simon and Lisa saw the two. Lisa said to Simon that the two looks perfect. Simon agrees with what Lisa had said.

Maya already told Lisa in their short chat what happened with her and Mart, which she also tells Simon. The two plans to play cupid to Richard and Maya. Maya didn’t know that Lisa forwarded her cell phone number to Richard through business card.

Lisa has a strong feeling that Richard is attracted to Maya. Though she didn’t know if Maya is ready to fall in love again. Lisa sends a text message to Richard and told him that she sent him Maya’s cell phone number.

Maya was so quiet on their way home.

Richard said, “is there anything wrong?” (Richard’s phone beeps). He reads the message and smiles.

Maya notices the smile in Richard’s face and said it must come from your girlfriend. That’s why you smiled that way.

Richard replied, “No. It didn’t come from my girlfriend because I don’t have a girlfriend. It came from a friend who sent me a very important message. I can say she is really very smart. She knows what I want to know.”

Maya is surprised to find out that Richard has no girlfriend. Something in her heart is happy to find it out. She said, “I don’t believe you, you don’t have a girlfriend? With your looks I really don’t believe it. You must be counting your girls.”

Richard laughs. “I’m telling you the truth. I really don’t have a girlfriend for almost a decade. It’s a long story, but I will tell you about it one of these days. We will be working together always. How about you? You must have a special someone in London?” Richard asks Maya.

Maya is so happy that Richard is not committed to anyone. She can’t explain why but she is happy about it. Maya turns to Richard and said, “I didn’t leave anyone or someone special in London.”

Upon hearing Maya’s reply Richard is so overwhelmed. He can’t explain his feelings that very moment.

They chatted some more until they reached Maya’s home.

Maya said, “Here we are…thanks for taking me home Richard and I really enjoyed the dinner.

Maya waves good-bye to Richard


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